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We teach students the value of productivity and to use their strengths with high practical skills
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 NO.TETA 16-683 
 Alika Investment is Registered and Accredited Service Training Provider TETA 16- 683 and Labour Department No.688

 Tel:+27 11 037 1076, Cell: + 27 73 321 9261, Cell:+27 81 474 2077


Artesian & Skills Training Academy

The training centre has a proud number of years history of providing outstanding training results and continues to attract favorable publicity from successful partnerships and projects with the different Department

The training centre is managed by experts, that have extensive experience in all fields and managing engineering training centre and converting them into centre of excellence.

Our Training Centre is a state-of-the-art training centre that has both the resources of industry experts and equipment to offer specialized skills training. Trainees are prepared to meet the demands of industry. Aspects of productivity, problem solving and safety are included in the training.

The training offered encompasses not only apprentice training but also training and development for the following training interventions:

Boiler making,


Pipe Fitting,


Building & Construction.

Electrical Carpentry,

Plumbing Painting.

Welding C02,

Arc, Aluminum Argon,

Gas cutting and welding,

Air con & Refrigeration and Sheet Metal.

Health & amp; safety,

Basic Firefighting,

Transportation of dangerous goods,

Scaffoldings elector and Inspection and many more engineering courses.

Welding Training Courses

All these welding courses is real career investment as there is lot of demand of qualified welders for big metal industries all over the world. The payment varies from one country to another here in SA ranges from R7000 to R35000 depends on your qualification.

ARC Welding 3 to 4 weeks

TIG Argon welding 3 to 4 weeks

Aluminum welding 3 to 4 weeks

Gas Welding 3 to 4 weeks

Gas cutting 3 to 4 weeks

CO2 welding 3 to 4 weeks

Flux Core Welding 3 to 4 weeks


At Alika you enjoy face-to-face tuition, practical learning, full time & short courses. The institute offers you with career path that is relevant with job market requirements globally today. 
Let us be your partner to your exciting lifelong learning experience with Alika.

International student and those from far accommodation available

We have a variety of Machines in good working condition and Our Workshop equipped with modern learning tool & instruments for smooth learning.

We offer a full courses or refresher course on each one.

We do Assessments and Renew Operators Machinery License. We teach students the value of productivity and to use their strengths with highly practical skills

For more information and enrollment please contact us:

Tel:+27 11 037 1076, Cell: + 27 73 321 9261, Cell:+27 81 474 2077



+ 27 73 321 9261